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He and his wife, Barbi, have two sons, Ricky and Benny, and live in Newport Beach, California.Recommended use: Order two Couples Guides per couple (one for each partner). For significant savings, purchase the Essential Seven Principles Package or Deluxe Seven Principles Package.

They have been inspired to completely change their perspective, and overhaul their dating life, making them more successful daters.

A true expert in the field of loving relationships, in this groundbreaking book he shares his personal wisdom, enlightened guidance and loving encouragement to help you fulfill your own dreams.

If you want a "real deal" approach to fulfilling your heart's desire for intimacy, please read Jay's heart-opening book." "Jay has written a thorough and engaging book on how to improve one’s ability to love and have healthy relationships.

The workbook, which aims at helping singles attract the love they desire, has numerous lessons and tips that can be used to make your dating life more rewarding.

This “Dating Toolkit”, usually only available to my clients and workshop attendees, is being offered for FREE in the e Workbook titled “Attracting the Love You Desire” which has been described by readers as a virtual “kick in the pants” that they needed and an important tool helping them “focus on what they really wanted in a partner”.

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One reader (who wished to remain anonymous) said that he has greatly benefited from the workbook.

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