Hilarious dating profile how to use online dating successfully

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“But then I started telling the jokes, and it’s kind of helped.” She started taking more and more pictures with her left shoulder in full view.

For those who are confused, the top picture has been flipped horizontally.

OK, so picture it: you're just hanging out, messing around on your phone, looking for a soulmate or a hookup or whatever. Farrah, 26, CEO and founder of her own business and educated at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. If you're reading this, then you would probably laugh for the rest of your whole entire life at our girl Farrah presenting herself like this, but what if you didn't know who she was?

She obviously wouldn't fill her About section with things like "barely literate" or "famous for getting pregnant at 16" or "most hated reality star ever," but there's probably a balance between that and what she actually wrote, right?

So then you'd check out more of her photos and see this -- she likes cute Snapchat filters, how fun!

What if you just thought she was some nice business-minded woman?

“I flew off and hit a sign and it sliced my arm off.

Men everywhere have been swiping right and leaving comments on social media.

Other’s reached out to Lauren thanking her for not hiding her injury.”I have never really hid it,” she said.

“People don’t see that very often, so a lot of people DM me to tell me it’s really helpful to them, people who are also missing limbs or are disabled.” “People always respond like, ‘Oh, I feel bad for laughing,’” she said.

Farrah Abraham is single and ready to mingle, fellas! Girl is looking for love and playing the field online - her Bumble profile is right out there for all to see! Check out the way she describes herself to potential suitors, as well as what she's looking for in a mate below, and decide. Sure, she obviously indulges in some plastic surgery from time to time, but if she's a smart, successful, fun-loving lady, maybe you can look past that. Are you intrigued by this "international celebrity"?

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